PVC Fence Install Step

Measure the width of the fence panel (X) plus ½” for brackets, add the width of the post (Y). This is the general on center measurement for post hole location. It is highly recommended to dig enough holes to install 3-4 sections of fence at a time to ensure proper post hole placement.

a) Dig post hole 12″ in diameter 30″ deep
b) Add 6″ of gravel for post drainage
c) Insert post in center of post hole
d) Level and plumb post
e) Fill remainder of first hole with concrete
f) Recheck level and plumb Always allow approximately 2″ of ground clearance under panel
– Add concrete to next post hole after panel is installed
–If frost line exceeds 30″ Dig hole to the appropriate depth Add 6″ of gravel for post drainage Add concrete until a depth of 24″ remains.

Rail Bracket Location
For correct bracket placement, measure down 2″ from the top of the post, and make a mark.
Then, measure from the top of the panel to the top of the first horizontal rail. Mark this measurement on the post for the first bracket placement.
Next measure the distance from the top of the top rail to the top of the next rail. This is the measurement for placement of the next bracket. Repeat for any additional rails.

Offset Bracket Options:
On 1-3/8″ pickets we recommend you offset the rail brackets. This will allow the panel to set inside the posts and not stick out.

Installing Panel
A) Set panel into the brackets on the first pre-set post
B) Place the next post (with brackets) in the hole on the opposite end of the panel without any concrete in the hole
C) Ensure posts are against panel and secure all screws into the panel in the center of the bracket slots
D) Level and plumb post
E) Horizontally level panel
F) Add concrete according to manufacturers instructions
G) Continue installing all other panels using above instructions


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