Nowadays, North America is one of the most abundant timber resources in the world, and also the fastest developing area of plastic wood industry, because they cherish the natural timber resources and face up to the maintenance of the environment. China as a country poor in timber resources, because trees over-harvesting of green barrier damage, dust storm intensified, natural disaster frequently, thus the current government to face up to all the resources circulation use and maintenance of the ecological environment, this is for WPC hollow decking products development created a very comfortable environment, coupled with the plastic wood products own good function, the development of plastic wood products has become a foregone conclusion, and will gradually replace the wooden products. Plastic wood products development prospects in China, not only all over the world, this not just because of the outstanding features of commodities, more important is by the use of its resource cycle and maintain the important meaning of the resolution to the environment.
Development status and the prospect of new plastic wood materials
Wood-plastic flooring: during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Beijing Olympic park also acquired thousands of tons of wood-plastic goods for building walkways and bench. Every ton of hollow decking products is equivalent to cutting the pollution of 60,000 discarded plastic bags and 1.5 fewer 30-year old eucalyptus trees, which have deep environmental implications. It is understood that the colour of plastic wood can be adjusted according to the formula, the redwood colour chosen this time is the solemn atmosphere, foil the personality of the China pavilion. The most striking feature of the 2010 Shanghai world expo is undoubtedly the China pavilion, the “Oriental crown” in the shape of an ancient hat, in a bright red colour. These floors have both the texture of wood and the texture of wood, but in fact, these floors are not made of wood, but this new type of environmental material called plastic wood.
The application of plastic wood products in the professional field
It is known that plastic wood is mainly used for outdoor landscape and water-friendly landscape, and its service life is 3-10 times that of general wood. So-called plastic wood, it is to use plastic and natural wood fibre, choose special technology, such as extrusion, injection, moulding products. Compared with the traditional wood, plastic wood is the biggest advantage of dedication to the environment, save timber is conducive to maintaining the ecological environment, do not need to paint to prevent pollution to the environment, become invalid after the recoverable using without secondary pollution. Plastic wood products do not need to be painted, not afraid of water features, in about 10 years after the end of the application cycle, can also be recovered for re-use.