Before WPC product are laid, you have to build the platform, the main function of the platform is to cover the original uneven and bad appearance of the foundation (ground), and to provide a complete and flat new wood plastic composite decking, give users a better visual appearance (consistent, clean) and a solid feeling of stepping (flat, stable). WPC Product New Installation Model And the platform built through the height, In addition to providing the aforementioned functions, moreover, it can provide applications of different stepping heights (high and low platforms, stairs, etc.). and give the building more visual shape change. On the other hand, high platform and ground space, can increase the airflow under the platform, reduce humidity, the problem of dampness, and increase the circulation of air to produce better ventilation and heat dissipation effect.
A General Way Of Platform Height Installation
The general height of the platform, the construction team shall go to the site for measurement. And then, After measuring the height of the platform and the length and width of the covered ground one by one, enables the cutting and assembly of platform bottom beams and supports. During the assembly process, most woods are fastened with locking screws, easy to produce drilling deviation, wood collapse, wood thread out of teeth and other problems; The metal is usually welded or fixed with Angle iron and screws. A General Way Of Platform Height Installation On the other hand, is susceptible to the physical properties of cold shrinkage of metals, that causes the bending and deformation of a welded structure. In addition, most importantly, cutting materials are prone to uneven ground conditions, as a result, the size of cutting materials is not in line with the actual size (most floors are not completely level, and there are many uneven conditions), Cause the material to be cut again (too long) or replaced (too short). This process not only wastes material, but also increases the construction time.
New Fast High – Rise Installation
In view of the possible problems caused by the general height of the platform, the new fast height rack group created by wood plastic composite decking can provide faster, more efficient and convenient assembly and more flexible use and adjustment according to the site conditions. New Fast High - Rise Installation 1. There are three kinds of components: T – Angle iron, aluminium extrusion support frame, disk base. All three main components are made of metal, which increases the firmness of the platform base and reduces the amount of material used for the base (and eliminates the problem of wood decay). 2. In use, it is designed to have modular components due to the new high-speed rack. Therefore, it has greater flexibility in material consumption and replacement (no need to carry out a large number of disassembly), and it is also more convenient and easy to protect in transportation. 3. The process of practical application only requires the preparation of an appropriate number of components after the measurement of the floor size (the quantity of materials purchased can be confirmed more accurately). 4. For field assembly, aluminium extruded members (support frame) are cut to the required height according to site requirements. The main structure is a large beam, and the Angle span is adjusted with the panel material used above to quickly complete foundation erection and assembly. The screw can be reduced by using intercalated software. On the contrary, screws can be used as appropriate to increase the strength of components, reduce construction time and manpower, and reduce assembly problems easily caused by the properties of materials (such as the aforementioned wood breakage and metal welding). 5. If the ground height is different, the assembly length of 2~4cm is reserved for the assembly of t-shaped Angle iron, disc base and aluminium extrusion support frame. The height of the frame can be adjusted by screw locking, thus reducing the problem of cutting (too long) and replacement (too short).
Requirements For Wood Plastic Composite Decking Products Are Increasing
With the improvement of people’s living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on the functionalization of WPC decking. It is not only required that WPC floor has an anti-mildew effect, but also expected that WPC product has certain antibacterial properties when used in public places such as hospitals, toilets and parks. Therefore, by adding a wood plastic composite antimicrobial, makes the wood plastic composite has certain anticorrosive antibacterial effect, can significantly extend the service life of wood plastic composite material, improve the market competitiveness of wood plastic composite, expand its application to the health the demand is higher, to meet the needs of society and guide consumption at the same time obtain good economic benefit. Types of Antimicrobial Agents Used In WPC Product
Types of Antimicrobial Agents Used In WPC Product
The antibacterial agent can be divided into four types: inorganic antibacterial agent, organic antibacterial agent, macromolecule antibacterial agent and compound antibacterial agent. Different antibacterial agents have different antibacterial mechanism and effectiveness to different pathogens, and different antibacterial mechanism and inhibition range to different pathogens. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties of WPC hollow decking composites, many scholars at home and abroad began to add various antibacterial agents to WPC composites to improve the anti-corrosion and antibacterial properties of WPC composites. Due to the different antibacterial mechanism and the advantages and disadvantages of each antibacterial agent, the anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial effects of WPC product are not the same. Based on the analysis of the research status of anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial wood plastic composite materials, it is found that macromolecular antibacterial agents and various compound antibacterial agents are more and more favoured by researchers at home and abroad because of their superior antibacterial properties.
Key Items In The Research Of Antiseptic And Antibacterial Agents
In the future research process of anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial WPC hollow decking composites, the selection and use of antibacterial agents must comprehensively consider the following four aspects: (1) firstly, it is necessary to ensure that the antibacterial agent is environmentally friendly and cannot have a negative impact on the environment, and cannot reduce the basic mechanical properties and water absorption properties of WPC product; (2) at present, wood plastic composite materials are mainly used for outdoor use, so antibacterial agents are required to have certain light resistance, and even have better antibacterial effect when used in outdoor public places; (3) due to the long service life of wood plastic products, we hope that the antibacterial agent has the corresponding durability and sustainability; (4) the processing temperature of wood plastic composite materials is relatively high, so antibacterial agents are required to have a certain high-temperature resistance, and in the process of use, wood-plastic composite materials are also required to have a certain thermal stability and flame retardant. In order to meet the above requirements, the future research direction may be more inclined to study new compound antibacterial agents of organic – inorganic, organic – organic or inorganic – inorganic. These new compound antibacterial agents not only make the WPC hollow decking composite materials have good antibacterial properties, but also can meet the above four aspects of comprehensive requirements, in order to adapt to the market for higher functional requirements of WPC composite materials.