The excessive deforestation at the beginning has seriously damaged the forest resources and the living environment of human beings is deteriorating day by day. In view of the global phenomenon of decreasing forest resources, it is particularly important to protect existing forest resources. Therefore, we actively develop the wood-plastic industry, make good use of resources, strictly control the quality, and produce low-carbon and environment-friendly wood-plastic products, thus forming a unique new model of forest protection.

The production of timber “substitutes” has created a new model for forest protection. According to official data, every additional ton of wood-plastic products is equivalent to one cubic metre less deforestation. Everyone has the responsibility to protect the forest, starting from every enterprise and every worker, to protect the great forest on which we live.

In the course of development, we should not only do a good job of recycling resources but also ensure the quality and environmental protection of products. The wood – plastic products produced are more environmentally friendly, durable, will not rot, not easy to crack. And to a large extent, the characteristics of wood have been maintained, but similar wood is better than wood, and it has to be recycled, which is unmatched by other materials at present. Putting social interests first, enterprises can go further.

Wood-plastic whole household environmental protection (zero formaldehyde) : the product passes European SGS authentication, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, no pollution, no pollution, recyclable use, waterproof (fire prevention), quick install (save money), low carbon environmental protection, accord with the new trend of home decoration, health wins the world. In addition, while pursuing development, social interests should also be placed in a very important position.