Consumers’ requirements for green and environmental protection of home decoration materials, the pursuit of personalized products and the pursuit of overall decorative style are the driving force for the steady development of the new industry of wood plastic composite decking. It is because of this that the ecological wood industry can progress and stable and long-term development.

First, the ecological wood plank of green environmental protection receives the affection of consumer more, no matter be personalized household environment, still be whole dimensional household style, the final pursuit of consumer is to improve the quality of life, this is affected by immanent culture factor already, also have the restriction of exterior environmental factor. In recent years, the concept of green environmental protection and healthy life has been deeply understood and believed by people. The features of ecological wood such as aldehyde-free, anti-fouling, waterproof, mothproof, anti-corrosion and heat insulation have made it widely used in many fields and places.

Second, young people have their own personality, more and more also, domestic outfit also requires a personalized, ecological wood character of the original product is more popular, people’s consumption level is improving ecological my wood-plastic materials are pushing for personalized rapid heating up, it also requires us to Seven Trust such ecological wood products company can quickly adapt to consumer demand, only by constantly bigger and stronger prominent personality, talent as a hawk with a keen eye to capture the market opportunity.

Third, the integral adornment style of household is popular. The individual that household ACTS the role of article, no matter how delicate, costly, have grade more, cannot leave the design style of the whole household whole.

Consumer to household environmental protection requirements, determine the solid decking panels industry pace of the direction. At present, the ecological wood market is on the rise, it has unlimited development potential.