Nowadays, health has become an idea, green is a fashion, environmental protection is advocated by the society, and green consumption has become a developing trend.

The best outdoor fence of the general family decorates is installed according to different environment chooses real wood fence mostly. At present, the domestic many large fence companies are from the source material to make an issue of series of mechanical processing, in order to save resources and sustainable development as the guide, for this wood plastic wood began to walk into the line of sight of people, let the healthy environmental protection is not only a slogan, a concept, but also an action.

New composite materials and environmental protection green wood plastic products is a new kind of composite material, formaldehyde-free pollutant release, have qualitative light, good rigidity, waterproof, anticorrosion, flame retardant and other characteristics, feel a warm sense of wood, and sends out the faint scent of lumber. It is understood that this new type of environmentally friendly wood plastic composite fence, is to put in the process of high-density fiberboard in the wood of phenol, join renewable plastic after granulation equipment made the wood plastic composite material, and then made wood plastic extrusion production outdoor composite fence. The main material is polyethene wood powder or bamboo powder. The granulation can be carried out after high-speed mixing by adding the auxiliary agent.

The personage of the industry says the wooden fence of the model has its original advantage. This wooden fence can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof and can be used normally in environments where traditional wooden products cannot be used. It is highly environmentally friendly, pollution-free and can be recycled, which greatly saves wood and is suitable for sustainable development, which is also the most important point. High fire resistance, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and will not produce toxic gas; The production and installation are simple, which can save time and manpower cost.

Wood-plastic fence or into the industry new wood plastic composite material is a new environmental protection building materials that only appeared in recent years, in the domestic market is still in the initial stage, wood plastic products have not been widely used. Wood plastic products used in raw materials available waste plastics, waste wood or straw plant fibre, such as agriculture and forestry base material, does not contain any harmful ingredients, is applied and recycled recycling is a real environmental protection and energy saving products. As people more and more attention to environmental protection and resources, waste materials recovery and recycling resources has become the trend of development, the sustainable development of national economy and the environment has a profound meaning, and wood plastic composite material is adapted to the requirements of the material, or will become a new generation of the industry to be bestowed favor on newly.