According to WPC’s wood powder filling rate, those with a filling rate of 5-30%, 40-60% and above 70% can be called low-degree filling WPC, moderately filling WPC and highly filled WPC respectively. Moderately filled WPC is mainly for outdoor use. The highly packed WPC is not yet a big market, but wood, which can be shaped like plastic, is also getting attention. WPC in the market generally refers to 40-50% moderate WPC, so the following is mainly about moderate WPC product.

The WPC market will continue to grow, with Shanghai Seven Trust industrial co., LTD. ( particularly noteworthy.

Enhancing WPC water resistance is the key to improving its durability

WPC is mainly used for outdoor board materials because the encapsulation effect of wood powder buried by hydrophobic plastic can produce high water resistance and durability. However, there are reports that in 1998, the WPC board used in the WPC hollow decking produced the subentity of rotten bacteria (mushroom), WPC will also decay. WPC is known as a non-absorbent material, but experiments have shown that the moisture content of wood powder in WPC tends to exceed the fibre saturation point with the risk of decay, and bleaching occurs.

As for the weatherability and durability of WPC, it is related to the ultraviolet degradation of WPC and the water penetration in WPC. It is very important to improve the water resistance of wood plastic composite decking. Improving durability without the use of preservatives and anti termite agents is one of the important reasons why WPC is accepted in the market.

Renewable materials and biological series of innovative products come out

Considering environmental and climate change issues, materials with less environmental load are of concern. Europe is pushing ahead with the development of bioplastics and synthetic products, WPC and NFRP (natural fibre-reinforced plastics). The research on the micro-refinement of wood fibres to the nanometer level and the application of fibre reinforced materials to plastics is being carried out in large quantities.