A new wood plastic composite material, is generally referred to as wood-plastic composites (WPC). WPC is a new environment-friendly composite material, which is composed of recycled plastics (PE, PP, PVC, etc.) and wood fiber or plant fiber (such as wood powder, wood chips, wheat straw, rice husk, etc.) as reinforcing material or filler, and is compounded with other materials after pretreatment.
The First Attempt of Wood Plastic Composite Material
The earliest new WPC composite material was born at the beginning of the last century. In the beginning, some people tried to mix the ordinary phenolic resin and wood powder, which was also the earliest new WPC composite material. However, due to technical and technological problems, the new WPC composite material has not been effectively industrialized and commercialized for a long time. Wood Plastic Composite Material Later, with the deforestation of forest resources all over the world, the call to protect forest resources and find new wood substitutes has become increasingly high, and the discarded plastic waste and waste wood have become a big headache for countries. However, traditional new wood substitutes, such as anticorrosive wood and heavy bamboo wood, have inherent disadvantages. Short service life, coupled with problems such as easy absorption of water, decay and mildew, have become consumable goods for many outdoor projects and scenic spots, which need to be renovated and maintained in two or three years.
Wood Plastic Composite Materials Unique Advantages
WPC composite material inherits the double advantages of plastic and plant fibre, not only waterproof, moisture-proof, mildewproof, termite-proof, but also has a long life, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, no pollution, recyclable. At the same time has good plasticity, colourful style personalized customization. Wood plastic composite decking products do not crack, do not expand, do not deformation characteristics and save the cost of later maintenance and maintenance, it has become an ideal replacement of wood products of new materials. Wood Plastic Composite Materials Unique Advantages It is precise because of the inherent advantages and real situation of WPC that various countries vigorously develop new WPC composite materials, WPC technology and process in Europe, the United States and Japan to further breakthrough and improve, and the successful industrialization into the commercial field. By the 1980 s, Europe and the United States, and other countries have become the main consumer of new wood plastic composite materials and the producer, in automobile interiors, outdoor furniture building materials, daily to packaging, and other fields has been widely used, and now almost in all the material such as wood, plastic, plastic, aluminum alloy usage scenario seen wood plastic composite decking materials and related fields.
Exploration and Research of Wood Plastic Composite Materials
As a latecomer to the wood and plastic industry, the domestic wood and plastic industry is nearly ten years behind the United States. In the 1980s, the initial exploration was made. The national scientific research institutions led the relevant research projects, and later it was promoted and industrialized all over the country. Later, social and private capital began to enter and promote the rapid development of China’s new WPC composite materials in a short period of time. By the mid-2000s, China’s WPC industry had become the fastest growing country in the world, accounting for 25% of the global market share.
The Initial Wood Plastic Composite Material Market Was Very Chaotic
However, in the early stage, due to the immature processing technology of domestic industry, there are many deficiencies and defects in WPC products, and WPC composite materials have not developed rapidly. At the same time, some profit-seeking small and medium-sized enterprises enter the wood and plastic industry, do not focus on technology and quality, under the name of a variety of ecological wood, healthy wood concept confusion misleading market. Poor quality products, less than a fifth of the average life of the industry products, resulting in some wood and plastic engineering after the completion of the user reputation is very bad, seriously affecting the healthy and orderly development of the wood and plastic industry. Happily, with the drive of domestic policies in recent years, the wood plastics industry has been included in the national key support to emerging industries, and the overall industrial ecological chain has been improved significantly. Many representatives leading enterprises have also emerged in China. Driven by various resources, the technological level and performance indicators of China’s wood plastics industry have made a qualitative leap, and the performance test indicators of the new generation of functional co-extrusion wood plastics products have even surpassed the international level, leading the world. These have played a huge role in promoting the brand awareness of China’s wood plastics industry and gradually seizing the international high-end market share in the middle and low-end market.
Wood Plastic Composite Material Industry Continues to Develop and Improve the Level of Intelligent Production
Currently, the world is facing great pressure of resource protection and environmental pollution, and the characteristics of WPC products such as resource utilization of raw materials, product plasticization, industrial environmental protection, application of economy, cycle and low carbonization can effectively alleviate the above problems and should be popularized vigorously. Exploration and Research of Wood Plastic Composite Materials At present, the new WPC composite material is still an emerging industry in China, with weak power in the industry and few opportunities to make a sound. However, the development track of the industry for more than ten years has shown enough tenacity and momentum. At present, ecological civilization and building a beautiful China have become national strategies, renewable resources and circular economy have become social consensus, and the concept of healthy environmental protection is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Many good driven by the domestic wood and plastic industry will usher in a new round of explosive growth. At the same time, under the favourable policies and the promotion of the government, leading enterprises in the wood plastic composite materials industry should continue to increase technological innovation and brand-building efforts to improve manufacturing intelligence. At the same time of further reducing the cost of products, improve the core competitiveness of products, promote the popularization of a new WPC market.