Wood plastic mould is used to make all kinds of Co-Extrusion decking products. In modern industrial production, product moulding with moulds is a common method, Chengdu mould factory – wood plastic products manufacturing is no exception. According to the current process characteristics, the overall requirements for wood and plastic products on moulds are:

First of all, it is able to produce high-quality wood-plastic products that can meet the requirements of use in terms of appearance, dimension precision and physical performance.

The requirements from the perspective of mould use are: high efficiency, automation, easy operation and easy maintenance;

From the perspective of mould manufacturing, the requirements are: reasonable mould structure, easy production, low cost, can be accepted by the majority of users. In the application of wood-plastic products and industrial wood-plastic products we see in daily life, wood-plastic moulds can be divided into the following categories according to the production process of products:

1. Pressing moulds: we are familiar with automobile interior trim panel, ship partition board, vehicle cabin board and other products produced by pressing moulds.

2. Injection moulding moulds: seats, home appliance shells and children’s toys in public stadiums are all moulded by injection moulds.

3. Hollow blow moulds: such as trays, packing boxes and other products, are hollow blow moulds.

4. Extrusion moulding moulds: floor, profile, doors and Windows, plate, sheet and other products are formed by extrusion moulds. This kind of products accounts for more than 60% of the WPC hollow decking products in China.

The wood plastic material as a new type of composite materials, injection molding processing in Chengdu – usually using natural plant fiber materials, such as straw, rice husk, wood powder, hemp fibers with different polymer base material blending processing and become, so extrusion molding has the important status in the wood-plastic material processing production. Now on the wood plastic extrusion die to do a special introduction.