Project name of product case: mini golf course Product type: 2 rail PVC fence, WPC DIY decking. Fence And Decking Installation Cases In New Zealand

The installation method of fence and deck:

PVC fence option: the PVC fence is installed on the edge facing the tile and lawn, allowing the garden to extend to the side of the paving stone, which is a very neat way. The fence needs to be 100 x 6 mm. In the client’s case, it is recommended to obtain a fence that is 200x6mm for the mini golf. As expected, the garden looks beautiful and tidy. Outdoor Garden PVC Fence DIY deck options: a 100mm wide concrete strip is displayed in the garden. If the concrete floor is cleaned it will be a waste of time and it will leave some soil behind. The DIY deck pavement is installed on the surface of the concrete. If there is Angle deflection, the DIY decking can be manually reprocessed to conform to the shape of the ground and allow the Angle to be fixed to the old surface, which is also very easy to clean in the later maintenance. Outdoor Garden DIY Decking Project duration: May 2017 Project location: Lyttelton, New Zealand Maintenance of PVC fence One of the reported advantages of PVC fencing is that it does not rot and does not require sealing, dyeing or painting. PVC fences require little maintenance, which is why many ranchers and farmers opt for large installation PVC fences. When you have a lot of fencing to maintain, the ease of maintenance goes far beyond appearance and other considerations. Wooden fence and PVC fence contrast Properly sealed wood will rot for several seasons, but will eventually need to be re-sealed. Cedar fenced forests are naturally greasy and more resistant to decay than other forests. However, whether you seal or paint, all wood can benefit from some kind of surface treatment. If your only priority is to eliminate rotting fences, PVC fences are your choice. Wooden fencing and PVC fencing products cost roughly the same to install, though PVC fencing may initially be more expensive depending on local wood prices. However, with better durability and a lifetime warranty, experts believe PVC fences will cost about a third as much over time as similar wooden ones.