Outdoor floor and the indoor floor is the completely different, long service life outdoor floor is to be able to withstand the changeable weather outside, and strong temperature change, the outdoor floor must have strong stability, strong corrosion-resistance, strong resistance to pressure characteristics, solved the outdoor floor under the special environment of permanent and environmental requirements. but now the outdoor floor to convenient construction usually will be fitting exposed, thus makes the fitting easily corroded, and the corrosion resistance of outdoor floor needs to be improved, the long time exposed and vulnerable to environmental impact weak floor, due to trampling may cause an accident, now the outdoor floor construction is too complex, time-consuming, It wastes too much labor and time.

To improve the existing installation defects, the technical solutions of the utility model: A kind of multi-functional long service life outdoor floor, including floor frame and bedding substrate, the ground baseboard set on the top of the floor frame, long service life outdoor floor frame setting of lateral has a block slice, and block slice extends to the top floor frame, block slice Settings at the bottom of the first groove, the first set in the framework of the lateral recess, and set the framework inside a second grooves, the outdoor solid decking at the bottom of the frame is set with connecting parts, floor frame by connecting a patchwork, described framework consists of beam, outdoor solid decking beams are set on both sides have started the first connection groove, floor frame, set up a second connection first connecting trough and the second connecting channel through the Angle of the first set of connections, The matting substrate is connected with the beam, and the upper and lower sides of the wood plastic composite decking frame are provided with a third groove.

Easy to Install and Long Service Life Outdoor Floor

The simple structure, convenient splicing, lifting 3 can adjust the height of suitable for different high and low terrain does not need to change the terrain installed directly, to achieve the effect of convenient installation, with plastic wood materials and aluminium alloy material can achieve waterproof, moistureproof, insect-resistant, fundamentally solves the wood plastic long service life outdoor floor easy corrosion, expansion deformation problems, and no pollution, high environmental protection, improve the corrosion resistance, stability and strength, prolong the service life of the outdoor solid decking.

Although the new embodiments have been demonstrated and described, it is understandable to the ordinary technician in the field that these embodiments may be varied, modified, replaced and deformed without departing from the principles and spirit of the utility model. The outdoor solid decking is a new type of environmental protection plastic wood composite material products, in the production of high-density fiberboard in the process of wood phenol, add recycled plastic through granulating equipment to make a plastic wood composite, and then extruded production group to make the long service life outdoor floor. At the same time, it has the woodiness sense and the water-resistant and anticorrosive property of plastic, which makes it a kind of outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building material with excellent performance and very durable. Because plastic wood has both the water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastic and the texture of wood so that it becomes a kind of excellent and very durable outdoor building materials.