At present, wood plastic composite products account for more and more in all countries in the world. Here, we have sorted out some features related to wood-plastic products to help users understand wood-plastic products and make a comparison according to their own needs. 1) the main raw materials of wood-plastic decks are PVC resin and high-quality wood powder. PVC resin is made of medical-grade domestic famous products. Wood powder is provided by professional wood companies with high-quality wood powder. Wood plastic composite decking formula system with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, into the stabilizer, foaming agent, modifier, etc., a variety of ingredients according to the strict ratio of mixing, effectively ensure the product quality of the foaming plate. Development of PVC Co-Extrusion Decking 2) production equipment advanced production equipment is imported from abroad from the mixing system to the extrusion system, high degree of automation, mixing equipment with accurate dosage, mixing uniformity, high efficiency, fundamentally ensure the stability of the product. Because the production of wood-plastic foam deck to foam extrusion equipment requirements are higher, and the use of high torque twin screw extruder, and screw, screw barrel and other parts of the transformation, in order to adapt to the lignin and outer surface of the skin and uniform foam, avoid the phenomenon of wood powder carbonization. 3) thermal transfer technology on leading technology, on extrusion sheet transfer printing various graphics, make the product has a variety of high-grade tree wood grain and color, according to the market popular varieties, we design the black walnut, ivory white, wax for the customer to choose a variety of finishes, such as wood, and to provide 50 balance indoor deck design to meet the needs of modern consumer life personality. 4) wood plastic composite deck of green environmental protection raw materials used in the next time the condition of high temperature and high pressure, vacuum forming, materials do not contain formaldehyde, secondary processing using thermal transfer technology, paint-free, in the process of production, use, without any toxic or harmful gases and odors released, is accord with human-friendly products of modern interior decoration environmental protection standard. Outdoor Wood Plastic Composite Material Performance Analysis 5) waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-moth, non-deformation wood-plastic products have the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so wood-plastic set deck in addition to the use of outdoor decks, especially suitable for large temperature difference, damp, ventilation poor place, such as wet toilet, need anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, moth-proof storage room. 6) the special cavity structure design with reasonable structure and high strength ensures the ideal internal structure of wood-plastic foaming materials. In addition, the excellent formula design and reasonable production technology ensure the strength of the products. 7) quick installation structure, the installation of time and labor-saving wood plastic composite deck adopts Germany introduced quick installation structure, deck cover installation is very convenient, deck cover wire and deck cover using bayonet connection, no gun nail or adhesive fixed. 8) heat preservation, sound insulation performance good wood – plastic deck materials with uniform, fine foam hole and special design of the cavity structure, to ensure that its thermal conductivity than the general plastic materials low, good noise reduction performance. Through testing, the heat transfer coefficient of the product is 1W/m2.k, and the insulation performance reaches GB/ t16729-1997 grade I; Sound insulation performance level is 6, with good thermal insulation, sound insulation performance 9) good flame retardant performance wood – plastic suit deck in case of open fire does not help combustion, automatically extinguished after leaving live. Through the test, the wood plastic composite materials deck oxygen index is 48, its fire performance class is B1 class, wood plastic suit deck this performance will greatly improve the fire safety point of residential. Wood plastic composite basic raw materials have been through two generations: the first generation for wood and materials, the second generation of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, wood pulp as a representative of the wood-based board. The third generation of wood plastic composite materials, has been shining in the market, wood plastic materials both plastic and wood excellent performance, in the deck board materials have an absolute advantage. At present wood plastic market potential is huge, although the annual output of wood plastic composite products in the world is only a few million tons, but since 1998, Europe and the United States and other countries in an annual growth rate of 65%. Among the 10 wood-plastic production enterprises in China, 7 are foreign manufacturers, and all products are exported. Pool Decking Installation Project in Malaysia China’s chemical materials testing department on the material’s performance and environmental protection have been through strict testing to ensure that the interests of consumers are not harmed. Good mechanical properties, like wood sawing, planing, nail and other mechanical processing, with hard, strong, durable, wear resistance; After foaming, a large number of uniform and neat bubbles are formed, which can save the cost of products. The results showed that, compared with the unframed PVC/ wood powder composites, the density after extrusion foaming could be reduced by 50%, up to 0.6g/-1.0g/ m3. It is also a kind of environmental protection materials, cheap and abundant raw materials, recyclable, can reduce environmental pollution, protect forest resources.