The outdoor wall panel is a new type of environmental protection material, which can be used as the building inside and outside the envelope structure. Wood-plastic exterior wall hanging board is suitable for non-load-bearing wall. Its surface layer has a certain waterproof ability, and its thermal physical performance is better than reinforced concrete and rammed clay, which is close to a common wall covering panel.

Compared with the external walls of traditional residential buildings, the plastic and wood composite thermal insulation outdoor wall panel has a certain comprehensive advantage. Namely wood plastic wallboard waterproof, moistureproof. It fundamentally solves the problem that wood products are prone to rot, expansion and deformation after absorbing water and being affected by moisture in a moist and watery environment, and can be used in the environment that traditional wood products cannot be used; Insect and termite control, effectively eliminate insect harassment, prolong service life; Colorful, a large number of colors to choose from, both have a natural sense of wood and wood texture, and can be customized according to their own personality to the color needs.

Construction Technology And Safety Interpretation of Outdoor Wall Panel

WPC wall panel quality light, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti-ageing, easy to fuse and bonding; The flexural strength and impact toughness is strong, and the elongation at fracture is high. Smooth surface, bright color, highly decorative, decorative applications are wide; The construction technology is simple and the installation is convenient.

Construction machinery and tools:

Nail hammer, saw level, line hammer, paper cutter, tape measure and scissors.

Operating conditions:

Scaffolding on the exterior wall has been erected. The reserved hole in the outer wall has been processed. Clean up the wall base.

Large area construction should be made before the sample, determine the process and operation points, to the construction personnel to make the disclosure. The sample must be confirmed by Party A, supervision and construction.

outdoor wall panel build

Process flow:

Base cleaning → horizontal line and the vertical line → starting bar of installation, frame closing bar (yin-yang Angle column) → hanging plate installation → closing bar installation → cleaning

(1) Basic level cleaning: The floating ash of the basic level shall be cleaned, and the flatness of the basic level shall be relatively flat.

(2) Elastic horizontal and vertical lines: at each Angle, the distance from the tail eaves to the lowest point covered by the hanging plate is measured. The starting point of the unset bullet line is re-measured at each Angle with the obtained maximum distance value. At the lowest point of the bullet line, use this line as the starting line for the slats. In Yang Angle, Yin Angle and windows edge are apart from 6㎜ vertical lines, control on both sides of the bar distance.

(3) After the installation of the starting bar, the yin-yang corner column, the frame and the closing bar, the hanging plate can be installed vertically after the inspection.

(4) Basic principles of nailing:

The WPC wall panels will expand and contract with temperature. In order to avoid deformation, the following operating instructions should be strictly followed:

The nail should be driven in the middle of the nail groove to allow free movement of the hanging plate.

The nail not too firmly, considering the shrinkage of the hanging board, nail slot with the hanging board to stay 8㎜.

When the board is secured, the board should be able to move left and right by holding it down with your hand.

The nail needs to be driven vertically. Do not bend the nail, as this will limit the free movement of the hanger. If nailed sideways up or down, the board may be deflected from the quasi – straight line.

Clean up:

After hanging a surface, observe whether there are defects, and then clean the hanging board with dry cotton yarn after adjustment.

Guarantee items:

The varieties and colors of the materials shall meet the design requirements, and their quality shall conform to the relevant standards.

The hanging plate should be nailed firmly, no warped edges, wrinkles, cracks and other defects.

house wall panel install

Basic Items:

Smooth surface, clean, harmonious color, no discolouration, hanging injury and scratch.

The plate spacing is consistent, and the detailed closing is consistent.

At the beginning of the closing, the isobaric joints are flat and the contact Angle is neat and consistent. Layering smooth.

Allowable deviation items:

Scope: This process is applicable to the construction of external wall plastic and wood hanging board.

Material requirements:

The varieties, specifications and quality grades of plastic wood hanging boards and accessories shall meet the design requirements and the provisions of the current standards.

Nail, the diameter of the nail cap should be 9.5 mm, the diameter of the nail is 2.6 mm. Use electroplated or aluminium nails to prevent rust.

Protection of Finished Products:

Conscientiously carry out a reasonable construction sequence, lines, cornice, etc. Be bored with child, the coating should be in before hanging board construction.

Putty, paint and mortar shall not contaminate the hanging board.

Do not bump against the outdoor wall panel when removing the frame.

Pay attention to protect other finished products when installing the hanging board.

Safety measures:

The outer frame is firm and reliable.

On the outside of the operation fasten the safety belt, double springboard work.

Do not throw objects down from the outboard.