There are still some problems in the practical application of the wood plastic composite materials in industrial product design, such as limited types of products that can be manufactured, low flexibility of materials themselves, and inability to meet the design requirements of curved products. Therefore, it is very important to study the application of new wood-plastic materials in industrial product design. Only by in-depth analysis and research on its application status can we find an effective way to expand its application scope. Exploration and Research of Wood Plastic Composite Materials
Application of Extending in the Construction Field
The application of WPC product material in the field of construction belongs to a field with high application frequency, which can be mainly used to make hollow decking, outdoor wall panel, decorative board and other board structure. Compared with traditional materials, wood-plastic composites have good fire and flame retardant properties, and can effectively resist corrosion and aging, which has great advantages in practical applications. In addition, the disassembly and assembly operation is relatively simple and the recycling efficiency is high. Therefore, in the process of product design, the shape, specification and performance of the product can be customized according to the needs of users. When applied to the building space, enough space should be left for material installation. When controlling the scope of clearance, the specific size of the plate and the external environmental conditions of the plate should be considered. In addition, must use certain auxiliary materials, such as joists and so on. In order to ensure the stability of the construction structure, the distance between the supporting structures and the amount of use should be well controlled by the construction personnel. During the secondary connection of the drilling machine for the raw materials, attention should be paid to timely cleaning the remaining raw material debris inside the drilling hole. To avoid the impact on the smooth operation of the assembly during the later assembly. outdoor WPC hollow decking
The application of innovation in automobile field
WPC product material has good physical and mechanical properties and can resist strong chemical corrosion. The advantage of the cost of raw materials can also meet the consumable demand of automotive interior products. Therefore, plastic wood composite raw materials in the automotive application, has had some experience. The main applications include door interior panel, floor plate, seat back, armrest and so on. Taking automotive interior as an example, the application of WPC product materials in this part of the building is mainly due to its relatively simple production process, low cost of raw materials, and relatively fast production speed. About WPC application in automobile interiors, from the point of view of the overall industrial product design, belong to the rise of a new application field, as a result, in use process, there are certain problems, due to the plasticity of the auto interior products demand is stronger, as a kind of decorative applications, for its beautiful degree has certain requirements. Due to the comprehensive safety requirements of automotive products, it is necessary to further strengthen the compression and impact resistance of plastic-wood composites in order to improve their application in this field. And take into account the requirements of good lightweight, to achieve its application in the interior of automotive products, to meet the safety, practicality, decorative and cost saving requirements. Automobile industry is a kind of rapidly developing industry that constantly pushes out the old and brings forth the new. In order to expand the application market of plastic-wood composite materials, we should start from all aspects of product performance and quality and comprehensively improve the quality of its raw materials, so as to ensure its wide application in this field. With the development of wood plastic composite materials products, it has gradually developed a variety of application directions to increase the comfort and convenience of life, effectively save renewable resources and protect the ecological environment.