As an upgraded version of the overall home decoration, the wood plastic composite wall panel has a prominent personality. In the design process, it pays attention to the in-depth communication with consumers, and can fully combine consumers’ living habits and aesthetic standards. WPC wall panel is a better product with a beautiful appearance and convenient construction. With the rapid development of society, consumers pay more and more attention to the improvement of life taste, home decoration on the basis of practical, its artistic value and aesthetic function are also increasingly prominent. Advantages of WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) Wall Panel
Advantages of WPC(Wood Plastic Composite) Wall Panel:
1. The green environmental protection “0” formaldehyde: after installation room without peculiar smell, formaldehyde release is extremely low, to ensure a healthy family living environment. 2. Fire and damp proof safety : The product design has fully considered the requirements of fire prevention and retarding, does not support the flame blind fire, built a barrier to family safety; At the same time, the product is completely waterproof and moisture-proof, especially suitable for wall decoration in a damp environment, away from the trouble of mildew caused by wall leakage. 3. Heat preservation, heat insulation: its ventilation hole, coupled with its unique modeling design, can effectively block the transfer of indoor and outdoor temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer. 4. Variety of shapes can be matched with the heart: the design of products can be designed and matched by the owner according to the actual decoration style, play with the DIY of wall decoration, and achieve personalized customization of wall decoration. 5. Easy to clean: A child’s marks on a wall can be cleaned quickly and easily. 6. Impact resistance: high hardness, strong impact resistance. 7. Rapid decoration: direct construction on the blank wall through gun nails, and live in the package within 15 days. 8. Long service life: the service life of wood-plastic wallboard can reach 20 years. Advantages and Disadvantages of Similar Products
Advantages and Disadvantages of Similar Products:
Emulsioni paint Advantages: cheap price, convenient construction. Disadvantages: yellowing, cracking, toxic, monotonous, long-vacant period, not resistant to dirty. Diatom ooze Advantages: modeling, environmental protection, clean taste. Disadvantage: metope flatness is bad, must be in the construction of the finished product wall, modelling not much, not easy scrub. Solid wood packing Advantages: convenient construction, environmental protection, modeling. Disadvantages: high cost, monotonous color, easy to the insect. The wallpaper Advantage: the price is cheap, the color is many. Disadvantage: must in the finished product wall construction, not easy to scrub, not environmental protection, moisture return, mouldy, peeling, no modeling, short life. Aluminium alloy integrated wall Advantages: convenient installation, modeling, easy to scrub, color, moistureproof, sound insulation, fire prevention. Disadvantages: impact resistance, barrier signal, conduction, easy oxidation and discoloration. Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel Advantages: fire prevention, flame retardant, sound insulation, heat preservation, zero formaldehyde, convenient and fast installation, impact resistance, easy to scrub, modeling. Cons: can only be done with lines. The Convenience of Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel
The Convenience of Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel
Wood plastic composite material is born in response to the situation, traditional materials in the renovation of the old house need to go through: shovel wall, cleaning waste, mason, hydropower access, carpentry, paint completion.While the intermediate works take time, the houses need to be vacant for at least three months to move in, and refurbished for at least six months to move in. Oneself need to rent a house additionally live, brought very big inconvenience, at the same time metope shovel the construction prophase working procedure such as the wall takes time laborious. However, during the renovation of the old house, the wood-plastic wallboard only needs the customer to confirm the design drawings and immediately carry out the construction. At the same time, the construction can be carried out at the same time, without affecting the normal family life and without any harmful gas. If you have the need to decorate the house, you can go to Seven Trust wood plastic company to see the high-quality wall panel material, you can send an email to us on the message board of the website, you can get a sample of the product and quotation. And there will be customer service staff to explain the problems in the products for you, to help you more easily understand how to choose their own products, and make the decoration process become a kind of enjoyment. Here, welcome your arrival.