Hollow Decking
The product has good ventilation effect, the foot feels comfortable and healthy.
Synthetic Teak Decking
Synthetic teak boat decoration products provide the elegant appearance of teak decks without any time-consuming and expensive maintenance associated with natural teak. This material is made of flexible PVC and is easy to process and maintain.
PVC Decking
The product has a durable extruded surface, forming a wear-resistant and easy to operate sheet. And it can reduce the amount of material that is not needed to end up in landfills each year.
DIY Decking
DIY floor installation is simple and quick, and can be cut and reorganized according to the needs of the scene.
Solid Decking
Solid floor has the effect of preventing moth, reducing maintenance cost.
Co Extrusion Decking
With durable natural wood grain patterns and tropical hardwood finishes, it is beneficial for consumers to reduce maintenance and non-repeated dyeing costs
Deep Embossed Decking
No painting or staining required / Low-hassle maintenance / Made with 80% recycled plastics / Looks like water-proofed wood / No cracking or splinters / No preservatives or biocides / Naturally resistant to decay and insects