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Learn How To Slipcover

Allison Dow is the winner of an autographed copy of my book, DIY Tailored Slipcovers!

1927 Eaton’s Canada Catalog

This catalog has been shipped to Kevin M. East of Saskatchewan!
This catalog is a 1971 reproduction of the original Eaton’s Spring and Summer 1927 catalog.
A historical treat, great for history buffs and fashion followers alike, it is filled with 412 pages of fashion, furniture, kitchen wares, farming equipment and more.
The Eaton legacy was founded by Timothy Eaton in Toronto in 1869 but it sadly came to end in the 90′s.

To read more about the Eaton’s story, follow this wikipedia link:

Wholesale Lot Of Filpar Elastic

This Lot Has Been Given Away to Linda M. of California!
I am giving away an unused wholesale lot, approx. 16 lbs, of filpar “designer” brand elastic. This elastic is extremely thin, measuring just 0.5 mm thick, 8mm wide and is nearly invisible when sewn. Filpar is used in many high end garments, including La Perla, Armani and Gottex.
If you sew swimwear or lingerie, you have the opportunity to use this product at the fraction of its’ original cost. (you only pay shipping)
Filpar elastic should be air dried only, do not expose garments sewn with filpar to heat, including warm surfaces.

Snorg T Giveaway

Michael Diaz of Mike’s Hemp Bracelets is the winner of the free Snorg T!

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  1. Jacquelyn
    April 7, 2009 at 5:26 am

    I purchased your book back in March and it has been a great help in my slipcovers techniques. I also customed your measurement sheets for when I go to a clients. There is much more that I will adopt from the simplified information that you shared. Thank you. And congratulations!
    Jacquelyn Seaborn

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